Tiny Houses

This year we will have  20+ tiny houses and shipping container homes available for tour at the Atlantic Station Tiny House Festival!

Want to bring your house? 



Tiny House Village

Tiny House Atlanta is building the first movable Tiny House Village!  This tiny house pocket neighborhood is designed by local architects and demonstrates the potential for a tiny house community.  Come tour this mini village and learn how you can build one in your own community! 


Tiny Travel

Don't want to downsize at home, but want to upsize your vacation time? Then come check out these mini mobile adventure vehicles to enhance your travel experiences at the Atlantic Station Tiny House Festival.  

Want to participate? Email:


Learn about minimizing, downsizing, organizing and going tiny at the tiny house festival! Speaker schedule to be announced by Tiny House Atlanta soon!  

If you would like to be a speaker, email:

Will Johnston, Tiny House Atlanta,


Tiny House, Rich Lifestyle: A Life Planning Workshop


Want to live in a tiny home? Want to enjoy more experiences? Start planning today! Learn how drastically downsizing can lead you to a life of adventure. Presented by Christian and Alexis of Tiny House Expedition. They’ll share the tools you’ll need to begin your BIG journey. This is YOUR guide to downsizing, budgeting, build or buy decision making, parking and traveling, with or without your home on wheels. You will leave with an action plan for creating the tiny house life of your dreams.

Saturday and Sunday - 4pm


Workshops by Tree House Internatural

Want to expand your skills during the festival?  We have two great workshops hosted by Scott Bunn of Tree House Internatural. Check them out!  Saturday is Learning about Sustainable Building practices and Sunday is learning how to build a Minimalist Tool Kit. 

Saturday Sustainable Building- 1pm

Sunday Minimalist Tool Kit- 1pm


Skoolie Spot

A new feature for this year's tiny house festival!  Be sure to tour the built-out school buses turned into oh-so-livable homes! 

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Family Friendly

Let your kids learn about the world of downsizing and tiny houses! The festival will have interactive fun for kids of all ages.